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Start of Core

Core (Phase 3) rehab has started if a patient has had a full assessment of CR core components, with agreed goals/targets set, and with a structured programme starting at that point (see Standard 4 in BACPR Standards for definition of a structured programme).

This assessment should also assess risk prior to the patient starting CR. The order in which the assessment is carried out can vary but needs to include all Core components. For example psychological and dietary assessment with a related goal-based structured intervention (one example of the start of CR) may happen days before a formal exercise test (e.g. walking test, treadmills, step or cycle) is carried out.

However, national guidance (BACPR 2017) does make it clear that this initial CR assessment should be as comprehensive as possible and is not achieved by just an introductory chat about what rehab provides after which the patient is just given general information eg. leaflets or links to web pages.

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