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Recent research outputs for the Cardiovascular Health Research Group (2012-)

Factors influencing change in walking ability in patients with heart failure undergoing exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation
Natasha Sutherland, Alexander Harrison, Patrick Doherty

Does the mode of delivery in Cardiac Rehabilitation determine the extent of psychosocial health outcomes?
AS Harrison and PJ Doherty
International Journal of Cardiology 255 (2018) 136-139

Overview of Cardiac Rehabilitation Evidence, Benefits and Utilisation
Al Quait, A. I. M. & Doherty, P. J.
19 Dec 2017 Article in: Global Journal of Health Science. 10, 2, p. 38-48

An analysis of barriers to entry of cardiac rehabilitation in patients with diabetes: Using data from the National Audit of Cardiac Rehabilitation
Harrison, A. S., Doherty, P. & Phillips, A.
5 Dec 2017 Article in: Diabetes & vascular disease research.

Does service timing matter for psychological outcomes in cardiac rehabilitation?: Insights from the National Audit of Cardiac Rehabilitation
Sumner, J., Böhnke, J. R. & Doherty, P.
9 Nov 2017 Article in : European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. 10 p.,

Cardiac rehabilitation: making a business case based on the evidence
Gore, L. & Doherty, P. J.
11 Oct 2017 Article in: British Journal of Cardiac Nursing. 12, 10

The European Association of Preventive Cardiology Exercise Prescription in Everyday Practice and Rehabilitative Training (EXPERT) tool: A digital training and decision support system for optimized exercise prescription in cardiovascular disease. Concept, definitions and construction methodology.
Hansen D, Dendale P Coninx K, Vanhees L, Piepoli MF, Niebauer J, Cornelissen V, Pedretti R, Geurts E, Ruiz GR, Corrà U, Schmid JP Greco E, Davos CH, Edelmann F Abreu A, Rauch B, Ambrosetti M, Braga SS, Barna O, Beckers P, Bussotti M, Fagard R, Faggiano P, Garcia-Porrero E, Kouidi E, Lamotte M, Neunhäuserer D6, Reibis R, Spruit MA, Stettler C, Takken T, Tonoli C, Vigorito C34, Völler H,36, Doherty P
7 Aug 2017 Article in: European Heart Journal. 38, p. 2318-2324

Cardiac rehabilitation in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction: A "should take it and not leave it" intervention
Taylor, R., Dalal, H. M., Davies, R., Doherty, P. J., Jolly, K., Lang, C. & Wingham, J.
18 Jul 2017 Letter in: American Heart Journal.

Do the demographic characteristics and baseline health state of patients vary in different cardiac rehabilitation performance programmes?
A. Salman P. Doherty
European Heart Journal, Volume 38, Issue suppl_1, 1 August 2017, ehx502.P2498.

In the modern era of percutaneous coronary intervention: Is cardiac rehabilitation engagement purely a patient or a service level decision?
Al Quait, A. I. M., Doherty, P. J., Gutacker, N. & Mills, J. 21 Jun 2017
Article in European Journal of Preventive Cardiology

Characteristics of structured physical training currently provided in cardiac patients: insights from the Exercise Training in Cardiac Rehabilitation (ETCR) Italian survey
Ambrosetti, M., Doherty, P. J., Faggiano, P., Corrà, U., Vigorito, C., Hansen, D., Sarto, P., Abreu, A. & Pedretti, R. F. E. 18 May 2017
Article in Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease

The effectiveness of modern cardiac rehabilitation: A systematic review of recent observational studies in non-attenders versus attenders
Sumner, J., Harrison, A. & Doherty, P. 12 May 2017
Article in PloS One

The European Association of Preventive Cardiology Exercise Prescription in Everyday Practice and Rehabilitative Training (EXPERT) tool: A digital training and decision support system for optimized exercise prescription in cardiovascular disease. Concept, definitions and construction methodology
Doherty, P. & 35 others 18 Apr 2017
Article in European journal of preventive cardiology

Evaluation of determinants of walking fitness in patients attending cardiac rehabilitation
Alotaibi, J. F. M. & Doherty, P. J. 1 Mar 2017
Article in BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine

Doherty P, Salman A, Furze G, Dalal H, Harrison A. Does cardiac rehabilitation meet minimum standards: an observational study using UK national audit? Open Heart 2017;4:e000519. doi:10.1136/openhrt-2016-000519

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Vigorito C, Abreu A, Ambrosetti M, Belardinelli R, Corrà U, Cupples M, Davos CH, Hoefer S, Iliou MC, Schmid JP, Voeller H, Doherty P. Frailty and cardiac rehabilitation: A call to action from the EAPC Cardiac Rehabilitation Section. Eur J Prev Cardiol. 2016 Dec 11. pii: 2047487316682579. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 27940954

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Rauch B, Davos C, Doherty P, Saure D, Metzendorf M-I, Salzwedel A, Vo¨ller H, Jensen K, Schmid JP. The prognostic effect of cardiac rehabilitation in the era of acute revascularization and statin therapy: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized and non-randomized studies. The Cardiac Rehabilitation Outcome Study - CROS. European Journal of Preventive Cardiology 2016. 0(00) 1-26. DOI: 10.1177/2047487316671181

Tang L, Zwisler AD, Kikkenborg Berg S, Doherty P, Taylor R, Langberg H. Is the cardiovascular response equivalent between a supervised centre-based setting and a self-care home-based setting when rating of perceived exertion is used to guide aerobic exercise intensity during a cardiac rehabilitation program? Am J Phys Med Rehabil 2016;00: 00-00. DOI: 10.1097/PHM.0000000000000628

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Greaves C, Wingham J, Deighan C, Doherty P, et al. on behalf of the REACH-HF investigators Optimising self-care support for people with heart failure and their caregivers: development of the Rehabilitation Enablement in Chronic Heart Failure (REACH-HF) intervention using intervention mapping. BMC: Pilot and Feasibility Studies;2016,2:37

National Certification Programme for Cardiovascular Rehabilitation - aiming to improve practice
Furze, G., Nicols, S., Doherty, P. J., Hinton, S., Iliff, A. & Mills, J.
3 Nov 2016 Article in: Perspectives in Public Health. 136, 6, p. 318-320

Rehabilitation Enablement in Chronic Heart Failure-a facilitated self-care rehabilitation intervention in patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (REACH-HFpEF) and their caregivers: rationale and protocol for a single-centre pilot randomised controlled trial
Eyre, V. , Lang, C. C. , Smith, K. , Jolly, K. , Davis, R. , Hayward, C. , Wingham, J. , Abraham, C. , Green, C. , Warren, F. C. , Britten, N. , Greaves, C. J. , Doherty, P. , Austin, J. , Van Lingen, R. , Singh, S. , Buckingham, S. , Paul, K. , Taylor, R. S. , Dalal, H. M. & 1 others
25 Oct 2016 Article in : BMJ open. 6, 10, 13 p., e012853

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Exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation after heart valve surgery: cost analysis of healthcare use and sick leave
Hansen, T. B., Zwisler, A. D., Berg, S. K., Sibilitz, K. L., Thygesen, L. C., Doherty, P. J. & Sogaard, R.
2015 Article in : Open Heart. 2, 1

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Use of NACR Data by External Researchers

The NACR is constituted to support cardiac rehabilitation programmes to deliver services to the highest standards and does this by contracting NHS Digital to collect data from all registered programmes. The NACR and NHS Digital have high quality safe guards in place which are agreed annually through 251 approvals and data governance agreements. As part of that process the NACR is not permitted to share data with any other party or allow direct access to data held by NHS Digital or the NACR.

These processes are important to ensure we abide by the data protection act and information governance agreements in respect of NACR data.

The NACR and its Steering Group continue to disseminate findings from the NACR through its annual report and peer reviewed journal papers. As part of this process we do on occasions invite clinicians and researchers, with expertise in relevant areas, to work with us on service improvement orientated projects and papers.

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