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   National Audit of Cardiac Rehabilitation (NACR)


The British Heart Foundation (BHF) National Audit of Cardiac Rehabilitation (NACR) is hosted by the University of York in collaboration with the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC).

The NACR aims to:

  1. Monitor and support cardiovascular rehabilitation (CR) teams and commissioners in delivering high-quality and effective services, to evidence-based standards, for the benefit of all eligible patients.

  2. Map the extent of provision and highlight inequalities and insufficiencies in delivery against key service indicators at Strategic Clinical Network, Clinical Commissioning Group, Health Board and Cardiac Network levels for over 320 programmes in the UK.

  3. Design and implement research to determine the effectiveness of routinely delivered CR services on patient agreed outcomes, cardiovascular disease risk profiles and health and social care utilisation.

  4. Use audit and research data generated through the NACR to inform:

    • NICE clinical guidance and service specification development
    • Clinical practice standards from national associations
    • NHS healthcare commissioning processes and decision making
    • The public and cardiac patient groups about how their local services are performing.

NACR Annual Statistical Report 2014
NACR 2014 Report on Staffing

NACR Annual Report 2014: In previous years the NACR Annual Report has been published at the end of September. This year, due to changes to the content of the report and alignment with new regional boundaries, the report will be published at the end of November. Publication will be in November in future years also.

We would very much like to thank the NACR Steering Committee for their continued support and expertise in shaping recent developments. They are Professor Nick Black (NACR Audit Adviser), Mel Clark (Patient Representative), Frances Divers (Scotland Representative, NHS Lothian), Dr Jane Flint (Cardiologist), Professor Gill Furze (BACPR President), Dr Chris Gale (MINAP Audit Representative), Julie Henderson (Head of Clinical Audit Support Unit, HSCIC), Suzanne Indge (NACR Lead for the All Wales Cardiac Rehab Group), Catherine Kelly (BHF) Dr Mike Knapton (BHF), Alana Laverty (Northern Ireland Representative), Dr Gordon McGregor (BACPR Audit Representative), Dr Joe Mills (Incoming President BACPR and Cardiologist), Julie Thomas (Chair of the All Wales Cardiac Rehab Group), Irene Thomson (Scotland Representative, NHS Lothian), Iain Todd (Scotland Representative, NHS Lothian), Dr Sally Turner (NACR User Representative) and Alyson Whitmarsh (HSCIC).

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