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How the Extracts Work

The Extracts function in 'Reporting' is a way of downloading all your data from NACR, and this can be used - either in individual csv/excel files by record type, or linking these files via Access - to analyse your data.

The data structure for NACR is quite complex, due to the movement of patients across programmes - so any patient may have had input from a number of rehab programmes during their rehab journey(s). The extracts themselves are therefore not simple downloads of data just for your programme, as they need to take in to account records that you have 'touched' or linked records to, as well as created (eg. Patient and Event records). So, when you input a date range to download you may still see data outside this date range, and records that have been created by other programmes. In order to use the extract data, it is important to understand the need to filter the data correctly to focus just on your CR activity.

We therefore advise speaking to the NACR team in the first instance before using the extract data to ensure that the data you select is a) specific for your CR service and b) as accurate as possible.

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