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Quality and Outcomes Report 2020


Inclusion in Supplements
Individual Inclusion in Each Supplement
HAD Depression
HAD Anxiety
Pre and Post Assessments
Time from Referral and Start
Marital Status
Employment Status
Age and Gender
Priority Groups

Early Supplement
Certification Supplement 2020

We would very much like to thank the NACR Steering Committee for their continued support and expertise in shaping recent developments and overseeing the NACR report. They are: Alison Allen (Wales User Representative), Elaine Allen (England User Representative), Wendy Caulkin (Patient Representative) Dr Hayes Dalal (NCP_CR co-chair), Professor Susan Dawkes (BACPR President), Chris Dew (Information Analysis Lead Manager, Audit Support Unit, NHS Digital), Frances Divers (Scotland Representative, NHS Lothian), Trevor Fernandes (CCPUK), Sally Hinton (Executive Director, BACPR), Sally Hughes (Head of Services Engagement, BHF), Suzanne Indge (NACR Lead for the All Wales Cardiac Rehab Group), Alana Laverty (Northern Ireland Representative), Lorraine Oldridge (National Lead - NCVIN, Public Health England), Lars Tang (International NACR Representative).

 The University of York